Read Harder Challenge 2017

My friend Krista told me about this last year but I was already doing a different one and didn’t feel up to putting in the effort of adding this.  This year I rose to the challenge (pun gleefully intended).

I wasn’t certain what to expect as far as the types of books that I would be requested to read but I’ve had a really good time coming up with titles to fill each of the slots.  It has definitely forced me to broaden my reading horizons a bit and I must say that I’ve really enjoyed the vast majority of what I’ve read.  ….it also got me to plow into my prodigious “to read” pile.  It’s now smaller!  Woot!  ….that won’t last.

One of the categories was “Read a collection of poetry in translation on a theme other than love” and I was fairly leery.  I *write* poetry, but other than my friend Tanah’s I don’t generally *read* it.  There’s a discussion thread for each of the categories which I found helpful because there were all sorts of suggestions of books to read, but I actually found my choice for this one by searching on the greater web.  I found a suggestion on Amazon for a book called “Are you an echo?” by Misuzu Kaneko which was getting some really nice reviews and sounded intriguing because they were previously lost poems by someone who was very well-thought of in her time.

Once it arrived I was really pleased to find that it not only had a collection of her poetry but also a sweet story of her life. It was an unexpected and interesting peek into life in another culture in another time.


2 thoughts on “Read Harder Challenge 2017

  1. Curious to know which one you picked for “sports”. If you haven’t got one yet, I’d recommend Shoeless Joe by W. P. Kinsella. It’s the book the movie “Field of Dreams” was based on.

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